Roots from the same land
You’re there and I’m here
With roots in the same land
Deep and locked in blood and history
The lands that drifted apart separated us and created a distance.

Far beyond our fathers days
Our colour
Our pride
It could not be swayed.

A land united in culture and tradition
With technology considered now to be antediluvian.
Sweat wiped off the forehead and wounds closed by roots and herbs
The tilling of the land kept on from dusk till dawn.

Large boats from across the sea
Came along to change all we had known
Bringing things new and unseen
A different people, a different skin.

A peaceful exchange, a so called trade
As they kept coming, we kept going.
In time it all turned awry
As they kept coming, they kept taking.

Centuries past and here we are
You’re there and I’m here
With roots in the same land
Deep and locked in blood and history.

Now Worlds apart
You’d hardly remember
Your original state
Where it all began

In a new place from birth to aged
Different cultures and traditions have become you and you them
A Lifestyle adapted to the ways of a different people
Their current trends input and steadfast in the mind

Though now so different we are still the same
There lays an undying encryption as deep as the blood o f our ancestries.
Do you forget or do you suppress?
We still have roots from the same land.

A new generation hopes to bring us closer.
Like the sight of the horizon at dawn
The sea and the sky connect
With the sun, a clear bridge for the two.

In this hope historic education flourishes
Nourishing the mind with truth and life.
In this hope the youth are active
Innovating ways to reconnect with ties that seemed severed for so long.
In this hope we are coming to much realisation

We are still connected, not by names or titles which have been prefixed as “Black-“ or “African-“
But by what we share in ourselves and in our history.
In this hope we have become more fluent
As we socialize better in society and acceptance and equality grow pari passu.
In this hope we have found ourselves all over the world but still united as one.

-Ihechi Osueke

  • dbesala

    Love it! Nice piece most definitely. Would love to hear it performed!