What matters relating to Africa would you like the media to shine more light on? What more do you want to see from us? We’re aware that even those who look to explore all aspects of the continent neglect certain areas, what are some areas that often get ignored that you would like to see more of? What are some areas that you would specifically like us, Rise Africa, to shine more light on? Share your thoughts with us! We’re listening.

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  • Bilphena

    I completely agree with Beulah. I feel like too often when people are discussing Africa, they’re talking about the West. I made a video last night discussing what it means to be an African and it sorta ties into what Beulah is saying. Not to generalize, but most times when people think of Africa their mind immediately runs to Nigeria, Ghana or other countries/cultures in the west. The North and East is always left on the side and maybe this adds to the identity issues that most people from these regions tend to have.

  • http://twitter.com/beuosu Beulah

    I’d personally like to see more coverage on North and East Africa, especially North africa. I feel like it’s a region that too often gets excluded from the overall understanding of all that Africa encompasses and has to offer. People always preach that Africa’s a huge myriad of cultures, and a vast continent, and this and that, but we don’t really do a good job of showing it. We can improve on that shortcoming tremendously.

  • Catherine O

    Thanks for all the the articles. I’ve enjoyed reading them. I would like to see more articles on solutions – we know a lot of what’s wrong with Africa. The questions is – what is being done about it? Stories on entrepreneurship; stories on reconciliation; stories on changing mentalities; stories of Africans making a difference in more than just their lives or those of their families

    • admin

      Thank you for your input Catherine. We appreciate your kind words and will definitely take your suggestions into consideration.